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Eine Projektarbeit innerhalb vom: Institut Integrative Gestaltung | Masterstudio

Lukas Scherrer


Task: Look at the range of possibilities/directions of projects your team will develop during this
workshop. I want to see two (2) general directions/themes considering the following for each
direction: Business (Viability), People (Desirability), Technology (Feasibility).
1. Brainstorm themes related to security in team
-Find an interesting topic/theme that will be investigated further.
2. Create a research plan for the final topic
(what, where, how you will continue on Tuesday morning)
-Observations, Insights, Opportunities (where/why, how much time, who – make calls…)
-Business, People, Technology considerations (framework, analysis)
3. Create one to two slides per team to be presented at end of day containing
-Description, Title, Name of the two (2) themes
-Thinking why this is an interesting theme (relevance) and Research Plan
Deliverable: Mon 25.02.2013 1600 L
10min Presentation per Team (PDF, PPT, KEY to L), Team & L will select final topic


Hänsenberger Nora
Fashion Designer

Jelena Wollenweber
Fashion Designer

Maria-Sol Burgener
Art Director

Oberoi Sandra
Industrial Desinger

Penilla Aillaud Maria Fernanda
Industrial Designer

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